Tips for Getting Your Financial Life in Order

Most people’s finances are a mess. Overburdened by credit card debt; drowning in student loan payments; and a lack of any real savings, the average American needs help – and they need it fast!

Creating a budget is a great way to begin building a solid financial foundation, but if you fail to get your financial life in order, that budget isn’t going to work. So where should you begin?

Face your finances

payday loan singaporeAcknowledge the mistakes you’ve made in the past and the hard work it’ll take to fix them.  Only then will you be prepared to create a new spending plan (or budget). If needed be, go get the best personal loan in Singapore to help you out. There are a good number of trusted licensed money lender in Singapore which you can reach out.

Create a Vision for Your Future

Where so you see yourselves in a few years?  Where do you want to be?  What do you want your financial picture to look like?  This is a critical step.  Making the changes necessary to right any financial wrongs will be hard.  You’ll both need to see a future reward in order to endure the “pain” of your collective sacrifices to come.

Be Specific

Detail the costs of each goal and objective in order to help you better prioritize your list. For example consider the cost of:

  1. putting your children through college
  2. purchasing a home
  3. saving for your retirement
  4. taking a dream vacation or trip
  5. putting up another small business with help of Singapore business loan.

Break down your goals into short, intermediate and long-term objectives.  This will help showcase your progress and give you the incentive to keep going as you see some of your shorter goals being accomplished.


Stay the Course

Once you have established your road map toward success, you’ll have to work hard to stay on track.  Detours come along in any trip: cars need top be replaced; jobs are lost; family members get sick; the roof needs fixed.  These kinds of unexpected expenses can send your plan reeling.  Just remember, we’re not talking about a quick fix here.  Finding financial freedom isn’t a trip around the block; it is a journey.  A journey that will come with detours and flat tires, but a journey you can – and will – finish, if you stay the course.

singapore skyline

All About Singapore!

Singapore is a country with abundant education and plenty of opportunities to advance and earn a great degree. So what subjects are most popular in Singapore? Not surprisingly, engineering is a top subject in this country. With scholars earning degrees in civil and structural engineering, chemical engineering, and even electrical and electronic engineering, it is no wonder this is one of the most popular subjects.

shangri-la-hotelEngineering in general is ranked number three in the world as one of the most popular subjects. Another popular subject in Singapore is materials science. Science is a very popular subject in Singapore as in most Asian nations. Materials science is ranked number 6 in the world.

Another popular subject is architecture/built environment. This subject ranks number 6 as well around the world. Chemistry and biological sciences also rank high in Singapore as in other Asian countries. Since Singapore, along with many Asian countries, is at the forefront of many scientific breakthroughs and advances, it stands to reason that the sciences are among the most popular subjects being taught in this country.

Geography and linguistics are also popular and are wonderful subjects for any scholar to take up. Accounting and finance are also very popular in Singapore as are business management and economics. Communication is another popular subject and deals with a wide range of communication methods. While the sciences and mathematics are certainly popular in Singapore and other Asian nations, there is no doubt that engineering is perhaps the most popular subject of all.

There are a wide range of engineering opportunities including Civil and Structural engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, chemical engineering, and mechanical, aeronautical, and manufacturing engineering. Singapore, as well as many other Asian nations are dedicated to teaching students the most valuable skills and doing so in a way that furthers the educations and lives of those that are enrolled. Singapore has plenty of learning opportunities if you are willing to take the time to seek them out.

singapore food

Is there an Innate Prejudice against Singapore Food?

Due to youthful innovation and western influences, new food styles are emerging in Singapore. Some people are not happy about this because they are fearful that the hawker tradition will fall by the wayside.

A hawker is a food vender with a pushcart. Sometimes the food is actually cooked in the pushcart. At one time, there were many hawkers on the streets of Singapore.

There are few hawkers in Singapore now, but hawker food is still a very popular heritage. As more and more traditions are melting away, many people feel it is imperative to maintain the legacy of hawker food. It connects the residents of Singapore to the past and binds the generations together. Some people feel that this culinary heritage is in jeopardy.  Some people need to serve the same dishes their grandfather served, in order to have continuity and commonality among the generations.

Hawkers today (of the modern variety, sell their food from stalls, rather than pushcarts, and paying for a stall can be costly, and the food is much more expensive than in yesteryear.

The food purchased in stalls today is not quite the same as the edibles cooked in the pushcarts, but it’s still hawker food.

However, the more pragmatic are less concerned. Many dishes served up today are a blend of Singaporean and Malaysian food, but old favorites like Banana Blossom Salad and Origami Sea Bass have remained on the traditional menu.

It is very doubtful that “modern” cuisine will push hawker food off the menu completely. Favorites such as Bak Kut The (Pork ribs with red chili peppers), and CharKway Teow (Pan Fried noodles with bean sprouts, kale, and fish or sausage.), will be unlikely to disappear; this is as good as it gets!


Working from Home and Living in Singapore

Working online from home usually allows you to work from anywhere; therefore, you can live anywhere. A significant part of the population of Singapore earns a living online working for either freelance platforms that service clients globally, or for industries that are actually located in Singapore.

Global Freelancing

Most stay-at-home workers in Singapore fit into this category, and designers top the list. Graphic designers are in high demand to produce banner designs, business cards, fliers, industrial design, posters, typography, and website graphics.

Freelancers who provide academic papers, copywriting, online content and editing, and proofreading make up the second largest online employed group in the country.

Data entry workers and web developers are needed for jobs that include data processing, email handling, and working with various tools of Microsoft Office, PHP, C++, Javascript, Python, and HTML.

Singapore Online Jobs

Corporations and other employers in Singapore offer many online employment opportunities, many of which have been removed from on site offices.

Recruitment consulting is a very large industry in the country. High turnover rates in corporate Singapore, especially concerning executive positions, ensure employment in recruitment services. Human Resource experience, good communication skills, and internet service practically guarantee that a living can be earned here.

A lot of the Administrative Assistant positions have been converted from in-office work to remote access jobs. Some positions have also been consolidated into one job description, but these positions will pay more to compensate for the extra work.

STEM-related jobs are also in abundance in Singapore. Not only are a significant number of jobs requiring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical skills, but the schools in the country are also STEM based. This means that jobs related to education in Singapore are highly valued, including tutors who are actively sought out by parents and students who had to work very hard to secure places in local schools.

The most important factor of this kind of employment, whether working for global or local clients, is to generate enough revenue to pay somewhat demanding living expenses. Otherwise, if the pay for work-from-home isn’t enough, flexi loan is intended to give fast approval loans for low income earners.


Why the Singapore Grand Prix is the Hottest F1 Racing Ticket

The days of the rich and famous, and those who want to be rich and famous, heading off to Monaco for the annual Grand Prix may not over, but they are definitely changing. Singapore has become a spot for Formula One fans to gather and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

Lovers of fast driving, intense competition and new technology find all they want here in Singapore. In fact, the Grand Prix has become arguably the hottest ticket on the Formula One calendar. Here are three reasons why people are flocking to the race.

The Event is a Night Race

Singapore marks the first time that Formula One has held a race under the lights. Fans can enjoy a nice cool evening out. Given the high temperatures at most race tracks, and Singapore being a warm climate anyway, the night race provides the audience with a much needed break.

There is even a gigantic lighted Ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer, that symbolizes the family fun that can be had.

The Parties are Over the Top

Anyone who enjoys glitzy parties will find the ones at the Singapore Grand Prix to their liking. Champagne and caviar are both in high abundance. The marina area is always full of the biggest and most exotic yachts.

Singapore is a Street Racing Circuit

The Marina Bay course is one of the few remaining street courses on the Formula One schedule. True racing fans recall the days when Formula One had lots of races on the streets of major cities. Now they must be content with Singapore and Monaco. Not to worry, these two sites put on spectacular shows. With the Singapore Grand Prix being a night race, it is even more of a spectacle than Monaco these days.

Find Out More Information Now

Those interested in attending the Singapore Grand Prix should visit the official Formula One website for more details about date, time and tickets.